Integrated CRM

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Integrated CRM

The efficiency of Sales, Service, and Support services in Knowledge-intensive industries is heavily reliant on information and knowledge. A good CRM is a key information resource, capable of boosting customer satisfaction and productivity levels by properly addressing the customers' needs the very first time they call.

CRM supports staff throughout the entire sales cycle with opportunity management, business activities tracking and e-mail communications, quote management and many more.

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The reason why CRM module is the backbone of Transcount within delivery of user experience and data it contains.

All contact-related information is just a click of the mouse away whenever your team needs it.

Starting with past, ongoing and planned transactions, related documentation throughout prospecting and ending with CRM contact import and export tools.

Contact segmentation enables grouping of CRM contacts by using business relationship types: colleagues, customers, carriers, services, and temporary contacts.

The contact import tool ensures DIY contact import by using own CSV file.

To-do action planning includes current proceedings, communication, and transaction history. It enables assigning notes to related shipments easily.


  • Complete 360° contact view
  • Contact segmentation
  • Contact import
  • Organization settings
  • "To-do" notifications.


Employee account management involves: import contacts, freight planning, organizing, leading, controlling, and monitoring functionality of employee performance, including assigned prospects, prospect status, related documentation and communication.

Organization & personal settings enable setting up and personalizing: company details, user management, access roles and setting of currencies, tax rates, date, time, numeration formats, invitations, language preferences, addresses, and location management.


  • Informative dashboard
  • Personal settings
  • Permissions and access roles
  • Daily summary of activities
  • Follow-up lists

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