Who Are We?

We are an ambitious team of IT/WEB developers, focusing on development of cloud-based software for the Freight Forwarding Industry. We were gathered by an experienced freight forwarding executive aiming for optimization of the Supply Chain Management.
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Many small and medium freight enterprises are still managing their freights by using a fax machine, a scanner, and different office apps and tools to handle their freight workflows. This makes their work slow and inefficient. The efficiency of freight forwarding business is heavily reliant on information and knowledge. Therefore, Freight Management Software is a key resource, which is capable of boosting customer satisfaction and freight forwarder growth.

What makes us a unique team? We are the experts in supply chain management solutions. We spent many years developing various freight industry related programs and software before we joined Transcount. We are aware how the Supply Chain Management operates, what the major challenges faced by freight forwarders are. The founder and executive of Transcount is a freight expert with over 15 years of executive experience in the supply chain industry. We are confident that Transcount is a “game changing” feature for the Supply Chain Industry.

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Where Are We?

Transcount Limited was incorporated under the Act as a holding private limited company in England and Wales on 28 June 2016 with registration number 10254335. The Company owns development subsidiary Transcount UAB, incorporated in the Republic of Lithuania with office located in Vilnius.

Transcount Freight Management Software focuses on micro, small to medium sized freight forwarders, 3PLs and NVOCC agents.

Transcount expedites freight management cycles, eliminates repetitive manual operations, turns time into profit and growth.

Transcount operates based on flat payment plans "per company" rather than "per user", including unique credit-card-less "Standard Free" package for single users.

Featured as "game changer" software for the Supply Chain Industry combined with features of Freight Management, Freight Exchange, and Professional Networking to form single software.


  • Lithuania is in one of the fastest developing and growing economies in the EU
  • Fastest Internet and fastest public Wi-Fi in the world
  • Most educated manpower
  • On crossway between the EU and to multinational and multimillion emerging market
How many people are there in the team?

Currently we are "the lucky seven" teammates gathered by the executive experienced in freight forwarding.

What is our history?

We started out as individual freelancers, yet today we are professional developers building "game changing" software for the Supply Chain Industry.

How did it start?

Transcount was born long after the start of our first project for the freight forwarding industry in 2009.

What are our achievements?

Developed Freight Exchange & Professional Networking Platform with +13000 registered freight professionals.

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