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Document Management

This powerful online spreadsheet application enables creating, editing, sharing, and printing any freight related documentation by using pre-made online templates without the need to use MS Office, E-mail, or any other applications, even your office desktop.

That is right – you or your team can work remotely by using Transcount as it can be operated as a remote workplace.

Now all shipment-related documents including: rate requests, quotations, carrier bookings, transit reports, proof of delivery, arrival notices, warehouse and terminal orders, invoices, statements, credit notes, AWBs, Bills of Lading, CMRs, Manifests and other related documents can be issued in no time.

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Pre-designed document forms with automatic data-filling function enables creating, sharing, and e-mailing freight-related documents and expediting user’s daily workflow by eliminating and removing unnecessary and repetitive manual tasks.

Integrated file sharing and e-mailing feature sends a prepared document to one or multiple contacts in the form of a link or a pdf file as an attachment with the downloading and editing option.

Some forms like AWB, CMR, and Bill of Lading are supported with a secondary language option, presenting the document in two different languages.

Users have a full range of ready-to-create documents like rate request, quotation, carrier booking, transit report, proof of delivery, arrival notices, warehouse and terminal order, invoice, statement, credit note, AWB, Bill of Lading, CMR, Manifest and many other documents of a formal type and purpose.


  • Predesigned forms
  • Integrated file sharing
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • Bilingual AWB, Bill of lading, Transport Manifest
  • Cloud access 24/7


3rd parties can also be involved and assist the user in a having possibility to directly upload various freight-related documents such as invoices, packing lists, specifications, instructions and attach them to a specific freight order.

The Customer can upload: invoices, packing lists, specifications, and instructions for AWB, CMR, or Bill of Lading; Create: a new RFI/RFQ, invoice, credit note, statement and other blank documents.

The Carrier can upload its freight invoice, credit notes and create transit report, proof of delivery as well as leave rate quotation and even issue a trans-order for the job it was assigned for.


  • Multiparty access
  • Multilanguage option
  • Multicurrency option
  • Export to CSV, XLS, PDF
  • Multi price segmentation

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