Shipment Management

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Shipment Management

This powerful management tool enables automatic communication, document sharing and work progress among Transcount user, customer, and carrier, including price requests, quotations, freight order details faster in comparison to using traditional office tools.

Automated order management enables users to multitask and focus on multiple jobs simultaneously boosting workflow speed and reducing odds of human error.

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Adding a freight order has never been easier.

Add a new order with just a few clicks, selecting customer, contact person , loading and delivery locations, transportation type, and freight kind from the existing database or add new data without leaving the window, including package type, kind, size, and measurement units, as well as multiple freight order pricing segments in different currency.

Associated freight order data will be automatically added to documents and records, eliminating the need to repeat it manually.

Attached inquiry source, documentation, and communication history will give access to initial freight order data.

Each order automatically gets a unique shipment reference number (SRN), which follows the order throughout all procedures by automatically adding freight order data and information whenever applicable.

A new freight order could be: assigned, nominated, placed on dashboard as "free to collect", or featured for further actions.


  • Cloud database
  • Simple-to-use interface
  • Enter data with just a few clicks
  • Assigned access roles
  • Multiple locations


Primary information of featured, assigned, ongoing, and completed shipments is presented on an "all in one window" list, functionality of which can be adjusted by adding the required or hiding the unnecessary tabs, making the interface convenient and simple to use.

An integrated search and administration tool provides full details to the management and helps analysing and evaluating performance, formatting various reports and information from different angles, including an option to export files as CSV, PDF, or XLS.

Detailed secondary information of the specific freight order is presented on "all in one" internal SRN window.

The main tool for freight management, starting with collection and ending with delivery and issuing of freight, accounting, booking, and agreement documents, transit reports and payment management of various types and purpose.

It gives a comprehensive view o how the freight order was implemented, including a profit and loss report.


  • "All in One Window"
  • Performance evaluation
  • Export data to CSV, XLS, PDF
  • Integrated chat
  • Multiparty access

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